• Ahimsa

    AHIMSA - Gandhi: The Power of the Powerless

    AHIMSA - Gandhi: The Power of the Powerless narrates the impact of the Gandhian message of Non Violence worldwide; how it inspired Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement in USA, the Solidarity Movement in Poland, The Velvet Revolution of Havel, and the Anti - Apartheid strife in South Africa and Nelson Mandela’s fight against injustice, oppression, racism and his struggle to restore basic human rights and dignity for the coloured citizens of his country.

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  • New Delhi Times

    New Delhi Times

    New Delhi Times is one the first political thrillers of Indian cinema. It depicts the nexus between politics and the media. It is bold and controversial and this award winning feature film starred Shashi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore and Om Puri. It was photographed by the legendary cameraman Subrata Mitra and edited by the late Renu Saluja.

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  • The Journalist and the Jihadi

    The Journalist and the Jihadi - The Murder of Daniel Pearl

    The film The Journalist and The Jihadi - The Murder of Daniel Pearl tracks the parallel lives of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and the Jihadi, Omar Sheikh. Both highly educated individuals of privileged backgrounds, they each saw the world differently but with seemingly similar passion and commitment - one a humanist , who spent most of his career reporting from the Islamic world on a quest to promote cross cultural understanding; the other a militant who ultimately chose a deeply violent path to express his views. The film documents how their paths crossed in Karachi Pakistan post 9/11 with tragic consequences.

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  • New Delhi Times

    Jungle Tales

    Jungle Tales was an 8 part x 22minute animation series based on the Indian Panchatantra tales

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In Development

  • Amrita and Victor

    Amrita and Victor

    The film is a passionate and sweeping romance. Positioned as a cross over film, it tells the poignant and heart rending story of a young woman – Amrita Sher Gill- who wants to live life on her own terms. Set in the 1920’s and 1930’s it narrates the dilemma of a woman whose views and moral positions are way ahead of her times. The tempestuous story of an artist who tries to find her own voice- her own vision unwilling to be a conformist.

    Amrita Sher Gill is born of Hungarian mother and an Indian (Sikh) father. She refuses to accommodate herself to the norms of traditional society.

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  • Once Upon A Time In Parma

    Once Upon A Time In Parma

    The story is set in the farmlands of Parma. It is narrated by Sophia ( years later) to her children as she looks through the digital album of photographs.

    The story of her father (Angelo) who owns a large farm land in Parma - Angelo knows that the best Parmesan cheese is made from cow’s milk which is milked by hand. All the local farm hands want to use mechanical devices to milk the cows. Marcello decides to import farmers from India. A Sikh family - a young man and his wife and their mother come.. The gradual the success of this immigrant family means more Sikhs and their community come to settle and a small ghetto - like Sikh neighbour hood is born. The two communities live separately and share a cordial relationship. Almost unaware and non interfering about with each other.. Each zealously protecting its own rituals and culture..

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  • The Forgotten Genocide

    Chronicles of a Genocide

    “This blood-stained soil is our witness
    So is the sky and so are the stars
    We will not forget the memories of martyrs
    We will not forget anything.”

    On 13 June 1971, an article in the UK's Sunday Times exposed the brutality of Pakistan's suppression of the Bangladeshi uprising. It forced the reporter's family into hiding and changed history.

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  • A Journey Before Time

    A Journey Before Time

    Among the great adventurers of the 19th century the name of the great Hungarian linguist and scholar Csoma De Koros, also called Alexander Csoma de Koros, is celebrated as one, whose life and times, stood testimony to his unique contribution and understanding of the Orient and Tibetan Buddhism.

    The feature film we propose takes us through the incredible journey of Csoma, who set out on foot in 1820 from Hungary, to find the roots of the Hungarian people, who, he believed, came from Central Asia. Through Aleppo (Syria), Teheran (Iran) and Kabul (Afghanistan) - Csoma ends up en route to Ladakh where he meets an Englishman, William Moorcroft leading a major expedition to Bukhara (Central Asia).

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  • The Politics of Reincarnation

    The Politics of Reincarnation

    Tibet is the only country in the world where both spiritual and temporal power is passed on not through a democratic process or nomination or even hereditary succession... but through the unique method of reincarnation . ( It was only in the month of April 2011 that the Dalai Lama retired from his temporal position). This feature documentary will examine the implications on Tibetan Buddhism and Tibet after the death of the current Dalai Lama.

    It is not inconceivable that having established their right to recognize reincarnates, the Chinese would not hesitate to identify the successor to the present Dalai Lama.

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