Once Upon a Time in Parma or Love Kya Cheez Hai !

Romantic Musical Comedy

An Indian Italian Co-production

Producer: Ramesh Sharma

Principal Photography - in Italy

The story is set in the farmlands of Parma. It is narrated by Sophia ( years later) to her children as she looks through the digital album of photographs.

The story of her father (Angelo) who owns a large farm land in Parma - Angelo knows that the best Parmesan cheese is made from cow’s milk which is milked by hand. All the local farm hands want to use mechanical devices to milk the cows. Marcello decides to import farmers from India. A Sikh family - a young man and his wife and their mother come.. The gradual the success of this immigrant family means more Sikhs and their community come to settle and a small ghetto - like Sikh neighbour hood is born. The two communities live separately and share a cordial relationship. Almost unaware and non interfering about with each other.. Each zealously protecting its own rituals and culture..

The story begins with the second generation of young immigrants who are born in Italy.. Our protagonist is the handsome son of the farmer. Ravinder is now 23-25 years old - He helps his father in milking the cows, making parmesan cheese but also studies cyber law in Parma University and is a friendly - happy go lucky - drop dead handsome young man. He has Italian friends with whom he parties in pubs and clubs - with out his family being aware. He has a younger sister - who also wants to break off from the traditional shackles of the Sikh family. All this will give us the sub plots..

His mother is God fearing but domineering. His grandmother is stern but with a heart of gold. The father is quiet man who wears his success easily but a proud Sikh. He is also a great car mechanic and this creates a relationship with the patriarch of the Italian household- who loves his vintage cars.

Marcello has a daughter - Sophia - same age as young Ravinder. She studies fashion in Milan and is a gorgeous beauty. Her mother Stella is ambitious for her and wants her to marry a good looking rich Italian, who owns an olive oil company and a wine making corporation.

One early morning they meet - ( Ravinder and Sophia) when she is jogging and he is serenading his cows. It is love at first sight.
Then all hell breaks loose - as both family’s oppose the love .. The stereotypes come to the fore front and we realize through hilarious incidents how identical the bigotry is - how similar the two families are.
It however has a happy ending - and at the end there is a Great Big Fat Indian Wedding!!

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Once Upon a Time in Parma Once Upon a Time in Parma Once Upon a Time in Parma